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Group Takaful Assurance 

The fundamental purpose of any type of insurance is to replace or compensate economic loss in contingency. Group Takaful Assurance provides protection to a number of individuals as a class or group under a single contract.


For Corporation, we provide the following two group insurance Plans:


 Plan A :


This plan is limited to the territory of Kuwait only, and gives the two basic covers below for employees & Labors:


     Takaful Benefit (term life)

     Workmen’s Compensation

 Plan B :


This plan provides a 24 hours worldwide cover (except for the Workmen’s compensation), and it covers employees and labors with the following benefits:


 Basic Takaful Benefit

 Accidental Takaful (death) Benefit

 Permanent Total Disability 

 Permanent Partial Disability 

 Temporary Total Disability  

 Medical Expenses Reimbursement

 Repatriation Benefit 

 Workmen’s Compensation Cover:


An employee covered under this is entitled for benefits as per Kuwait Labor Law subject to standard exclusions in the policy.


If the employee covered under the policy sustains bodily injury by accident arising out of and in course of his employment, he/she is entitled for compensation for such injury as per the Kuwait Labor Law 1964 as amended by Order NO. 8 of 1965 and Order No. 66 of 1983.

Group Takaful Assurance may be taken combined with Personal Accident Insurance as Group Takaful and  Personal Accident.


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