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SafeMed International Healthcare Insurance:


Numerous individuals and families rely upon vital healthcare programs to interact in a society where hospitalization is a financial burden. Countless healthcare programs solvability could be a mere illusion.

Lighten up! Ritaj Takaful Insurance Company proudly presents "SafeMed ". This healthcare Insurance is designed with a new modular approach to take care of your health. Its flexible structure allows you to match it with your personal requirement.

Wherever you live or whenever you travel overseas, you'll want to feel sure that, if anything happens to you or your family by way of illness or injury, you have access to the best possible medical care.

Ritaj Takaful Insurance Company and International Security Assistance (BVI) together designed and launched SafeMed, a Globalmedical program with large geographical scope and multiple benefits. SafeMed covers its user's requirement at competitive costs.

Depending on the place you reside, travel to or wish to receive treatment, there are four options designed to suit your needs:



Our top product allows you to be treated anywhere in the world, including USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan for both elective and emergency cases.




This plan offers you benefits for treatment anywhere in the world, excluding USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan for both elective and emergency cases.




Provides benefits for treatment in Kuwait, Arab countries, Indian Sub-Continent and South East Asia.




This plan provides quality healthcare in Kuwait only. Please refer to the table of benefits to see the level of its available cover.


In-patient cover:


This cover allows immediate access to preferred providers. Hospital charges incurred during an in-patient stay are covered up to 100% on direct settlement or reimbursement basis, keeping you calm and composed throughout your hospital treatment.

The 2 In Patient classes offered are: Private and Semi-Private.


Out-patient cover:


Our plans offer out-patient benefit including cover for general practitioner and specialist consultations, prescribed drugs, physiotherapy sessions, emergency road ambulance and dental cover (not available under the Wafi plan).


Additional Benefits:


By choosing SafeMed International Healthcare plan, you also enjoy the following benefits:


Maternity benefits


SafeMed plans include pregnancy and delivery benefit after 12 months of consecutive membership. Unexpected medical complications that occur during pregnancy are also covered. Newborns are covered free of charge until the renewal date of the policy.


Dental Care


SafeMed provides cover for dental treatment or surgery under all plans; not applicable under Wafi plan.


Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance


Our services include evacuation, repatriation, transportation of mortal remains, compassionate visit, convalescence expenses, telephonic medical advice, delivery of essential medicines and other services. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world.


Worldwide Medical Expenses


This coverage is available on Shafi Gold and Shafi Plus


Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions


After one year of coverage, you can enjoy coverage for pre-existing conditions under all our plans. In order to be certain that you are covered for this, make sure to declare your existing conditions on the application form.


Emergency Road Ambulance


This is also included in all our plans.


Family Takaful :


Takaful: covers death due to accident for policy holder only, aged between 18 years and 45 years.

Personal Accident: covers accidental death, dismemberment and permanent total disability for policy holder only, aged between 46 years and 64 years.


'No claim' discount


While your plan remains claims-free at the second renewal date, a discount will be applied to your renewal premium as follows:

Year 0 : - no discount

Year 1 : - 5% discount

Year 2 : - 10% discount

Year 3 : - 15% discount

Maximum no claim discount: - 15%.


Additional cover for groups


SafeMed plans are also available for groups of 10 or more employees at preset benefits. The benefits can be tailored if you have a group of 100 or more members.




For the management of both policies and claims, Ritaj has a team of multinational professionals based in Kuwait & Arab Countries to take care of your needs in the region. We are in bond with International SOS to provide you support around the world. International SOS is one of the global leading assistance companies and the most experienced service provider.


Answers to your frequently asked questions


1.How can I be sure that I am covered before I go ahead with treatment?

It’s effortless; just call our customer service team and provide them with the details concerning your planned treatment and they will advice you accordingly.


2.How will my claims be settled?

Your claims will be settled by direct billing if treatment was in one of our network providers. It will be settled through reimbursements, if the treatment was outside the network providers.


3.Are there deductibles?

Nil Deductibles for in patient inside the network.

20% Deductible on out patient treatment within the network.

20% Deductible on in patient treatment outside the network.

30% Deductible on out patient treatment outside the network, in Kuwait territory only.


4.Who can I include for coverage under my policy?

You can include your wife and your dependent unmarried children between the age of 14 days and 18 years, or even 25, if they are full time students. You can also include your parents up to the age of 65.


5.Are there any instances where I have to settle my own bills?

Yes, there are 2 instances where you have to settle your own bills and then submit them for reimbursement:

a) When you choose to have treatment outside the Kuwait general network under all plans,

b) When you choose to have elective treatment outside Kuwait under the Shafi Gold, Shafi Plus and Shafi plans.


6.How can I apply for a Safemed Healthcare plan?

Call Ritaj Takaful Insurance Company at 1830033 or any of our authorized representatives or dealers.



Click Here to apply for Safe Med.


Click Here for the table of benefit

For further information contact us at : 1830033 Ext :104,109,134,300

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