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Al-Reaya Medical Takaful Policy:


   RTIC, presents a comprehensive “ Al- Reaya Medical Takaful Plan “, offering outstanding medical

   coverage for families through our medical providers network of hospitals, medical clinics & centers

   that cover all areas in Kuwait.


Plan Characteristics :-


   1.The Maximum Annual limit for per person per year is KD.1000/-, KD.2000/-, KD.3000/-, KD.4000/-,

   KD.5000/- , KD.10,000/-.


   2.Geographical Scope: Kuwait and outside Kuwait incases of emergency alone


   3.The Plan covers the in-patient, out - patient treatments and Dental Treatment.


   4.Every insured member will be provided with a medical card. This card can be used for availing direct

   billing facilities at the hospitals, clinics and medical centers which have signed contract with us.


   5.Insured members can also avail treatment (in / out patient) at hospitals, clinics which do not have

   contracts with us on a reimbursement basis.


   6.Covers the emergency treatment whilst the insured person is out side the country on a holiday or

   business trip.Each trip period should not exceed 60 days.


   7.Covers ages from 0 – 65 Years.


   8.Hospitals, clinics and medical centers which have contract with RTIC and provide the treatment by

   direct billing system.


Table of Benefits :-

Maximum Annual Limit P.P.P.Y


Geographic Scope


Deductibles :-

10% each & every Claim for

The Covers :-

A ) In-Patient Treatment

1) Hospital Accommodation ( Room Charges)

2) Medical Consultation

3) Surgeries

4) Lab Test

5) Medicine given During Hospital Stay

6) Physiotherapy Fees ( should not exceed 6 sessions )

7) Cardiograph

8) Dressing

9) Anesthesia

10) X-Rays Classified as follows

a)Ultra sound
b)Cardiac Ultra sound
c) MRI
d)CT Scan

B ) Out Patient Treatment

1) Medical Check up General Practitioner & specialist

2) X-Rays Classified as follows:

a)Ultra sound
b)Cardiac Ultra sound
c) MRI
d)CT Scan

3) Lab Investigation

4) Dressing

5) Prescribed drugs

6) Outpatient surgical operating

C ) Other Benefits

1) Ambulance Services

Fully covered

D) Dental Coverage

1. Amalgam Filling

2. Extraction

3. X-Ray

4. Root Canal Treatment

Dental Exclusions :

1. Teeth extraction for children under 12 years old.
2. Orthodontic operations i.e. proper positioning of teeth.
3. Crowning and bridging.
4. Obtaining dentures of fixing of artificial teeth unless necessitated by an accident.
5. Scaling Operation
6. Fluoride Treatment.
7 .laser Surgery
8 Gum Diseases due to insufficient Oral Hygiene (e.g. gingivitis) & cosmetic treatment.

9.Dental cleaning

4) Emergency Treatment whilst the insured person in outside the Geographic Scope (Excluding USA , Canada & Japan) traveling on holiday or Business Trip (The Maximum Trip Duration is restricted to 60 days in any one policy Year)



   Maternity benefits can be added on request


   Benefits can be tailored according to number of members covered


   Free Dana or Noor discount cards on purchase of this policy


        For further information contact us at : 1830033 Ext :104,109,134,300

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